I’m trying to avoid getting hurt that’s why I want to be with Eton escort

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How to Set A Honey Trap.

Are you after one particular man? When you have worked for a London escorts agency for a while, there are some things that you will be better at than others. One of the things that I am exceedingly good at is setting a honey trap. Never heard of a honey trap? Well, it is a way of expressing that you are trying to attract a particular man. And that is exactly what I set out to do when I met Eric on a London escorts date.

Often when you go on business dates, one person ends up booking a whole bunch of outcall London escorts to keep work colleagues or business friends happy. That is exactly what happened when I met Eric. A whole bunch of from the London escorts agency that I work for was asked to go out to dinner with these businessmen who were attending some sort of conference in London. Normally, I would not pay too much interest, but Eric did fascinate me.

It soon became clear that he did not have a clue that I worked for a London escorts agency. He clearly was not used to moving in what I affectionately call London escorts circles. I realised that as soon as he asked how I knew his colleague who had arranged for us girls to attend. He seemed sweet so I did not have the heart to say that my time was paid for and that I worked for a London escorts agency. Instead, I said that I knew one of the other girls and was asked if I fancied a night out.

Eric was a very smart guy and we spent most of the evening talking and drinking champagne. It was okay, but I was very reluctant to let go of him at the end of the evening. I could not imagine that he would be interested in booking a girl from a London escorts agency, so I gave him my private number instead of the one to the escort agency in London that I worked for. He was delighted and sure enough, he called me a couple of days later.

I had realised that he was very wealthy and I wanted a little bit of that. During our date, I had managed to find out rather a lot about him. One of the things that he had mentioned to me, was that he liked to play golf. I expressed an interest and before I knew it, I had created the perfect honey trap. Eric wanted to teach me how to play golf, and on my next Saturday off from London escorts, I found myself with Eric on one of the top golf courses close to London.

I was not so good at golf but I was told be Eric it would come. Thinking that he had met his dream girl who loved to play golf and have a good time, I knew that he was hooked. We soon started going out together, and Eric loved nothing better than to spoil me. I had not intended to fall in love, but I certainly did. Now I am sort of stuck in my own honey trap. How do I tell Eric that I don’t work in Tesco on Saturday morning and as a cocktail waitress during the week? I have this feeling this lovely man would run a mile if he found out that I worked for a London escorts service. Originally I was only after his money, but now I am after his heart as well. Who knows? It may just work out.